Help: Collaboration


You already know you can share documents with everyone in your newsroom. You can also share entire projects with other users, whether or not they're in your newsroom, and share specific documents with reviewers, whether or not they have a sourceAFRICA account.

Sharing Projects with Journalists

Collaboration in sourceAFRICA is based around sharing projects or sharing specific documents. Sharing a project with another user gives them access to view and edit all of the documents in that project and all the public notes on those documents. Your private notes will still be private.

To start sharing, you'll need to know the email address that each collaborator uses to log in to sourceAFRICA. Click any project's edit icon  ... or choose Share this Project from the Analyze menu. The project's edit pane will appear, where you can click on "Add a collaborator to this project", and enter the email address of your collaborator's sourceAFRICA account.

Shared projects will appear in each collaborator's sidebar and they will be able to view, edit, and annotate all documents in the project. They'll also be able to add documents to the project, which will in turn be available to you.

Sharing Documents with Reviewers

You can share specific documents for review with anyone with an email address — no sourceAFRICA account required. This is useful for crowdsourcing your document annotations among experts, or quickly sharing a document on deadline.

To get started, select the documents you wish to share, and choose Share these Documents from the Analyze menu. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to review the documents. If they don't have a sourceAFRICA account, you'll be prompted to enter their name.

sourceAFRICA will email each reviewer a unique URL to access their shared documents with. They can follow the links and add annotations, which you may later edit and publish as you see fit. Before the reviewer emails are sent, you'll have a chance to enter a personal message or instructions for the document reviewers.

Still have questions about collaboration? Don't hesitate to contact us.