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Finding Your Way Around the Workspace

If you're looking at a list of documents (search results, your documents, a single project) you can click on a thumbnail image to select that document. It works the same way as icons on your desktop: you can use the shift or control (command) keys, or drag across to select multiple documents at once. With documents selected, you can use the toolbar to edit titles and descriptions, change privacy settings, add documents to new projects or plot them on a timeline.

Double-click a document's title to launch a viewer, where you can edit and annotate the document if it belongs to you.

Right-click on a document to open a context menu, showing a list of actions that can be done to the document.

For more information on specific topics, open the "Guides & How To's" menu at the top of the page.
For more information on specific topics, see the links in the side bar.